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Snowflake Charm Pendant

Snowflake Charm Pendant

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This dainty snowflake charm pendant is the perfect stacking necklace for everyday winter wear. Revel in the festivities of winter with this snowflake icon.

Slim, sleek and elegant - this charm pendant necklace is perfect for stacking alongside other dainty chains. It's small size makes it ideal for daily wear, and will be sure to add a meaningful accent to your look.

  • Product: Snowflake Charm Pendant
  • Colours: Amber
  • Materials: Baltic Amber & Sterling Silver
  • Chain Included: Diamond Ball 
  • Chain Length: 17.5" (45cm)

This charm pendant is paired with our 45cm Diamond Ball Chain. 

It is often said that "no two snowflakes are alike" and in this way the Snowflake is a symbol of sacred individuality. There is not a single person, thing or circumstance that is identical to another. Explore our Jewellery with Meaning Guide for more thoughtful and meaningful charm jewellery.

Style Tip: Remove our necklace chain and add this charm to a velvet choker for a brand new accessory! Alternatively, wear this necklace alongside our 55cm Diamond Ball Chain for a modern layered look. 

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