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OOAK Gold Floral Flare Green Amber Pendant

OOAK Gold Floral Flare Green Amber Pendant

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A One of A Kind Chunky Green Amber Stone Pendant, with a clear Baltic Amber piece shimmering with bright internal flakes and historic details. Complete with a Gold Plated Floral edge, which frames the Amber with a luxury touch of femininity. 

  • Product: OOAK Gold Plated Statement Pendant
  • Colours: Green
  • Materials: Baltic Amber & Gold Plated .925 Sterling Silver
  • Total Pendant Height: 66mm
  • Amber Dimensions: 42mm x 29mm x 22mm
  • Included Chain: Gold Plated Diamond Ball
  • Chain Length: 17.5" (45cm)

The timeless teardrop shape and the incredible depth of the Baltic Amber centrepiece, like a looking glass, gives us a magnified peek into natural history. The radiant translucence, crystal clear depth and flickering internal details mark a one of a kind Amber stone. Sparkling Gold Plated Silver flowers frame the edge and base of the Amber, offering 360 degrees of manmade and natural beauty.

The pendant is paired with our 17.5" Gold Plated Diamond Ball Chain.

Crafted with Gold Plated .925 Sterling Silver, this pendant is Hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office. Baltic Beauty is a recommended seller of Amber by the International Amber Association, so you can buy in confidence of the authenticity of your Amber Jewellery.

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