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2 Pairs Ladies Non Slip Yoga Socks with Strap

2 Pairs Ladies Non Slip Yoga Socks with Strap

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Ladies Invisible Anti Slip Yoga Socks

Yoga and Pilates as a form of exercise has grown in popularity over the years, with more and more people flocking to classes to improve their health, fitness, flexibility, balance and to relieve stress. To enjoy yoga and pilates to the fullest you will need the correct footwear. These ladies yoga socks are a great option and will help you when you are trying to keep good posture and balance.

These socks have many features that will improve your performance. Firstly, they have anti slip grips on the bottom of them, giving you more balance and security. As yoga and pilates is usually practised on wooden floors and mats you will find this triangular gripper will help prevent you from slipping over. These socks are also breathable. They are low cut, invisible even, with a strap on the front of the sock, this allows the sock to be breathable whilst ensuring it does not slip down your heel. There is also an 88% cotton content in the sock, ensuring that they are soft on your foot as well as being able to wick moisture away effectively. Alternatively, if it is chilly the cotton will help hold in the heat when temperatures drop.

The features of these socks can also make them suitable for ballet, dance and any other barefoot workouts. You can even pick between 5 different colour designs. You can be conservative and choose black or be a little more adventurous with orange, pink and purple styles. They are made from 88% cotton 11% polyamide 1% elastane and they will come in a size 4-8 UK 37-42 EU 5-9 US. They are available to purchase in a two pair pack of the same colour. They are safely machine washable and are made in Turkey.

Extra Product Details

- Socks for Yoga & Pilates
- Sock Snob
- Anti Slip Grip
- Invisible Style
- Elegant Straps
- Soft Touch Cotton
- 4-8 UK 37-42 EU 5-9 US
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