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12 Pair Mens 100% Cotton Diabetic Friendly Socks

12 Pair Mens 100% Cotton Diabetic Friendly Socks

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Men’s 12 Pair Value Pack Non Elastic 100% Cotton Socks

100% cotton socks are an essential item if you are looking for the ultimate comfort that cotton has to offer and making sure you’ve got enough to last is a must! These non elastic 100% cotton socks provide just that, now in a great 12 pair value pack! These socks are also non elastic / non-binding giving you extra comfort throughout the day.

100% cotton socks are perfect if you are looking for lightweight socks that are super comfortable. These socks are also breathable and fantastic for the summer months. Where these socks are different from ordinary 100% cotton socks is that they are non-elastic. They are perfect for people who suffer from poor circulation and are suitable for anyone with swollen feet or legs.

As of their cotton content these socks are breathable and will help keep feet cool and fresh. This means there is less risk of socks becoming uncomfortable and also means there is less chance of blistering. These socks stretch to the natural contours of your feet, meaning no more nasty constriction rings. However they are not too loose so that they will fall down.

These socks are fully ribbed to help keep them up, and are great for everyday wear, or as light, thin pairs of formal socks. Everyday technology for any man's feet! These socks come in 12 pairs, are available in 6-11 UK and 12-14 UK and are available Black, Brown and Black/Navy/Grey. They are Machine Washable.

Extra Product Details

Men’s 12 Pack Cotton Socks
100% Super Soft Cotton
Value For Money
Extra Comfort
Non-Elastic Top
Ribbed Design
Casual Or Formal Wear
Loose Top, No Irritation
Size 6-11 UK or 11-14 UK
Machine Washable
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