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Ringlock (3 Pack)

Ringlock (3 Pack)

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Ringlock's Ring Adjuster Set provides an easy and practical solution to prevent loose-fitting rings. The set includes four types of adjusters that come in various sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit for different types of rings.

These adjusters are designed to fill the gap between your finger and ring discreetly, without causing any damage to your precious metal rings. They are water-resistant and durable, allowing you to wear your rings while doing various activities.

The Ringlock set also includes a jewellery wipe, polishing cloth, and a jewellery pouch to keep your rings safe and clean. With Ringlock's Ring Adjuster Set, you can achieve a snug fit without committing to permanent resizing, making it a perfect accessory for all types of rings, including wedding and diamond rings.

- Length: 20.0 cm, Width: 15.0 cm, Height: 2.5 cm
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