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Mens Black Wool Diabetic Seamless Socks

Mens Black Wool Diabetic Seamless Socks

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Dr.Socks Wool Diabetic Socks

Dr.Socks is a brand that aims to innovate when it comes to keeping your feet comfortable. We believe in the importance of looking after your well-being, something that's often forgotten in our daily stress-filled lives. By using high-quality materials, Dr.Socks are able to produce some of the finest socks that help relieve health issues that affect our feet.

These socks are ideal for people with diabetes who suffer from poor circulation or swollen ankles. The fine gauge knit and cushioned foot help to prevent blisters and disorders caused by friction between the skin and clothing. The ribbed design provides extra support around the ankle area which reduces the risk of sores or discomfort.

They have a non elastic top which allows the sock to fit to the natural shape of your legs with its non constrictive feel. The handlinked toe seams provides an optimum fit without leaving any gaps at the top of your foot whilst also reducing the chances of your toes being irritated.

Wool is naturally antibacterial which helps keep your feet healthy by preventing odour causing bacteria from growing within them; this also prevents unpleasant smells radiating outward when you wear them. Wool is also very warm and durable so you’ll be comfortable and they’ll be sure to last much longer than a basic cotton sock.

Dr.Socks Wool Diabetic Socks are made of 72% Wool, 23% Nylon, 5% Elastane and are available in Black. They come in 4 sizes: 4-7 UK, 6-8 UK, 9-11 UK & 12-14 UK and are safely Machine Washable.

Extra Product Details

Dr.Socks Wool Diabetic Socks
Non Elastic Socks
Ribbed Design Socks
Handlinked Toe
Soft, Warm & Durable
Diabetic Friendly
Fine Gauge Knit
Solid Black Colour
4 Sizes: 4-7 UK, 6-8 UK, 9-11 UK & 12-14 UK
Dr.Socks Branded
72% Wool, 23% Nylon, 5% Elastane
Machine Washable
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