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3 Pairs of Diabetic Socks for Swollen Legs

3 Pairs of Diabetic Socks for Swollen Legs

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IOMI Extra Wide Diabetic Socks

Although designed specifically for use by those with diabetes, these mens IOMI Diabetic Socks don’t compromise on style, feel or looks. These superb, soft and cotton rich plain socks have been made to hold legs without elastication, and without the tightness that can cause problems for anyone with circulatory problems.

The specially shaped and woven Honeycomb Tops mould comfortably to the contours of your legs without pressure, and without causing painful ring marks left by the constriction that normal elastication can create, that can hinder circulation. And with hand linked toes for smooth seams, it makes sense to choose these lightweight IOMI Diabetic Socks to care for your legs every day.

* Footnurse Easy Stretch
* Non-Binding
* Extra Wide Leg
* Smooth Toe Seam
* Cushion Foot
* Soft Touch
* Sanitized Actifresh
* Ideal for Large or Swollen Legs
* HoneyComb Top
* SockShop Product
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